getting a construction loan without a contractor

The can even give you advice on how to get started and find the best general contractors in your area to work with. key features. flexible construction loan.

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At Hunter Galloway, we are experts and would love to help you buy a home if we are relying on projected income or other contract income types. We can help IT Contractors, Mining Contractors, Construction Contractors, Subcontractors and Journalists with getting a home loan now.

If so, you may already be considering a home construction loan to help. construction loan: It eliminates the hassle and costs of having to get. For example, lenders may ask whether the contractor is bonded (or bondable).

Construction loans are disbursed for work-in-place. The contractors perform the work and provide invoices to be paid. The bank wants to see that the work has been completed properly. The contractor submits the request for payment on the American Institute of Architects (AIA) form G-702 and G-703. This is a breakdown of the costs excluding.

Unlike a conventional loan, however, it’s more complicated to get the green light on your construction loan application because you’re essentially requesting to borrow money for a new build that doesn’t exist yet. This post outlines some of the requirements you need in order to qualify for a construction loan.

Upon completion of a designated stage of work or at a time specified in the construction loan agreement, the contractor will submit a draw.

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If you build without a permit and/or without the properly licensed subs this creates serious issues for value of the property down the road. In my area the building department can force you to remove and correct and charge a high fee per diem ($1000 per day is the typical fine here).

I’m just now planning on getting back into construction after a 6 year break. When I used to build it was easy to get a construction loan. They would lend on 80% of the cost. I’d give the bank my inflated estimate to get borrow the full cost. Today many of the local lenders won’t lend on construction loans. The few who will require 20% down.