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and low-income commuters are less likely to gain financial stability-among a host of other negative impacts. And yet, America’s commutes keep getting longer as people move farther away from the office.

A recent report from UC Berkeley estimated that giving every American $1,000 a month would cost roughly $3 trillion per year.

In terms of average monthly income, Generation X led the way ($6,851), followed by baby boomers ($6,355), and millennials ($5,750).

The median wage in the US per person is $26,695. This tells us a lot since the median household income is at $50,500. Since the Census data looks at households, this data hones in on individual wage earners. 66 percent of Americans earn less than $41,212.

Another common measurement of personal income is the mean household income. Unlike the median household income, which divides all households in two halves, the mean income is the average income earned by American households. In the case of mean income, the income of all households is divided by the number of all households.

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Where the average American household spends 10.5% of their income on food today, in 1900 most households spent nearly half their annual budget on dinner. The cause? Inflation and prosperity.

That’s easier said than done, but here’s how you can make it happen: To get your disposable income, start with your monthly.

With each monthly payment, they would have been paying. Indeed, only 20 percent of American families own stocks or mutual.

The average American household’s pre-tax income is nearly $75,000, but not surprisingly, most of this amount gets spent. In fact, when you add up the money that’s paid for goods and services or.

Allocating a minimum wage salary. average income in the U.S. In a whopping 21 states, you’ll only earn about $15,000 per year on the minimum wage – which allows for less than $80 per month for.