What Are Realtor Fees

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Real Estate Agent & Realtor Commission Fees Massachusetts. The latest thorough assessment of real estate commission fees was released in 2011 by Inman News. After polling hundreds of real estate brokers and agents, their data show that Realtor commissions for each real estate agent involved in a real estate transaction average between 2% and 3%.

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Realtors typically charge around 6% in the United States between commission and fees for selling a home. That amount is typically split roughly in half between listing broker & selling broker. That amount is typically split roughly in half between listing broker & selling broker.

To learn more about commissions and other aspects of selling a home in California, see Selling Your House: Nolo’s Essential Guide, by Ilona Bray (Nolo) or For Sale by Owner in California, by california real estate broker George Devine (Nolo).

The fact that the fees associated with real estate are based on a sale is good for consumers. But does this mean that a successful seller pays for the collective work done by real estate agents in.

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Realtor fees are the compensation realtors get for helping you buy or sell your house. It’s typically a percentage of the sale of your house and is split with the buyer’s agent. Traditional agents charge about 2.5- 3% commission each, which amounts to about 6%.

Flat-fee services such as FSBO or US Realty allow you to get your house listed on the MLS without a real estate agent, but you'll need to offer a.