Convenience Of The Government Discharge

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convenience of the government. A Marine may be separated for the Convenience of the Government for the reasons set forth below. Characterize service as honorable, general (under honorable conditions), or uncharacterized under the rules in paragraph 1004 and table 6-1.

discharge or release to inactive duty will be authorized; and (3) the decision is within the sole discretion of the. Process servicemember under any other Convenience of the Government if it pertains. 1910-110 CH-11, 31 May 2005 Page 6 of 11 9.

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HDCG – Honorable Discharge, Convenience of the Government. Looking for abbreviations of HDCG? It is Honorable Discharge, Convenience of the Government. Honorable Discharge, Convenience of the Government listed as HDCG

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to the Discharge Review Board or Board for Correction of Military Records. Which.. A change in reason for discharge to “Convenience-of-the Government” and.

The second exception allows information from the testing process to be used for discharges at the ”convenience of the government.” Generally, the military can discharge people for the ”convenience.

Discharge Under other Under other than Honorable Administrative. than Honorable Contributions. Conditions . Entry Level Separation Uncharacterized Administrative. Convenience of the Government (CofG), disability, or Secretarialplenary authority.

Were discharged with less than 90 days of service due to an involuntary reduction in force, certain medical conditions, or in some instances, for the convenience of the government 16, 1981 (officer)

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Soldiers separated under Chapter 5-13 will not receive a general discharge unless they have been convicted of an offense by general court-martial or convicted by more than one special courtmartial in the current enlistment, period of obligated service, or any extension thereof. VI.

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